Ended link on MusicBrainz still appearing on Roon

Hi @support!

I would like to report an issue that I have on some artists of my collection.
The “Around the web” links in Roon come from MusicBrainz, but in some cases even if in MusicBrainz the link is reported as “ended” because that URL does not exist anymore, it continues to appear in Roon.

This issue cannot be solved deleting the link in MusicBrainz, because they told me that you can’t delete a link but only report that it is ended in order to leave a history of the links used by the artist.
So it would be nice to introduce in Roon a way to exclude ended links from the Around the web section.

Is this possible? I post a screenshot with an example of this issue.

Thank you!

Hi @Marco_Bisi,

Thanks for the report! I’ve passed this feedback along to the team.

To add a bit of urgency: at times abandoned web addresses get repurposed by not so friendly or even bad guys, distributing spam or worse. So if mb had marked a link ended, it would seem to be important to remove the link from the Roon dataset, too.