Ending the Roon subscription

While doing a( New Years-) clean up on my iMac (2012 High Sierra 2.7 GHz 12 GB) I decided to delete Roon and cancel future subscriptions.


A lot of minor and some major problems that popped up the second half of 2018.

  1. Start up time went up to 45 - 60 seconds. With that persistent Roon startup logo on top of my screen overruling all other software it became quite irritating.
  2. After startup Roon would not find my audio system so I had to restart it. If I was lucky Roon would recognize my audio. Sometimes it did not and I had to repeat the procedure.
  3. Using a VPN was no advantage timewise. Probably related to point 4 (?)
  4. Having internet down every day five to ten times a day, due to living on a (Italian) mountain and a sloppy wireless internet provider actually prevented Roon from working. I did not know that an internet connection was essential for Roon to work.
  5. The keys on my regular Apple keyboard wouldn’t work with Roon anymore. So I had to use a mouse to start/stop, rewind etc.
  6. There happened some strange things with my musical library regularly. Albums would be split spontaneously in two or more albums. Three years ago this was thé reason to kick-out iTunes permanently.
  7. 150 regular albums, mostly bought with that infamous iTunes, were not recognized. That’s circa 5% of my library.
  8. Of course I re-installed Roon to overrun failures, but nothing improved in the end.

I really liked the Roon GUI. Nice, clean, logical and simple. I didn’t agree with the reviews all the time but that was a minor thing.

Pricing made my final decision easy. I had already paid three years for an Annual Membership ($ 360) and by changing to a Lifetime Membership I had to pay an additional $ 499. That’s a lot of money for a piece of software that doesn’t do what I want or expect.

Of course I don’t go back to iTunes, but I bought a (lifetime) license for Swinian for only $ 19. That works good enough to start 2019 with.

I also want to finish with roon but i don’t know how. And i keep paying without using it

Just stop paying. If you’re not a lifetime subscriber you are either paying monthly or annually. Cancel the payments.
You’ll need to do that on your Roonlabs.com account.

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