Endpoint disappeared

Ropieee is running on a Lakewest MiniStreamer here (similar to Stack Link Mk.1). It’s disappeared from Roon a couple of times recently. Is there anything in the logs to suggest what’s going on?


Thanks, Simon.

You’ve been using other XL services. That means the audio device is locked, which blocks Roon from opening the device - resulting in the device being removed.

I’ve had the endpoint disappear whilst listening to Roon radio (30/7 ~10:30am, I think). Normally, if I’m playing from LMS, the MiniStreamer still appears in Roon.

Currently, I’m unable to start playback from either Roon (“Failed to open the Audio Device”) or LMS. I guess it’s Airplay that’s blocking, but not sure (Feedback 20a97255fa249ac6)

It would be good if starting playback from e.g. Roon stopped playback from other services.

Cheers, Simon.


Is there any indication in my logs why the MiniStreamer was unresponsive this morning - not even to pings?

Thank you. Simon.