Endpoint disappearing after 3.107 update

I keep losing my Ropieee bridged endpoint (Topping D50s DAC). Core (Windows 10 PC) and RPi connected to router via ethernet cables - no playback problems.

After update yesterday I lost my endpoint for the first time. It wouldn’t come back, even after rebooting RPi. Eventually it did come back after I changed the Time Setting to Europe London (I’m in the UK) and rebooted.

Now when I turn the DAC off I lose the enpoint each time. It comes back after rebooting the RPi.

Feedback sent - 9f25fc2b5acbca8a

This is normal…having to reboot shouldn’t be. is the DAC using USB 1 or 2 supported UAC - I think thats the term.

Sorry. I should have been clearer. The endpoint disappears when switched off (as it always has), but doesn’t return when switched back on. Hence the need for the RPi reboot.

I can confirm that Roon no longer recognises the RPi when back online. I’m having to reboot the RPi to get it recognised following the 3.107 update.