England Storm into Rugby World Cup Final

… in Style and with Real Class!

What a morning, Weather here in UK is rubbish, Brexit has drained us of any credibility, but the England Rugby team have made us REALLY proud!


I can’t take it … Leicester beat Southampton 0 - 9 yesterday evening and now this. :grinning: :football: :soccer:

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I am officially cockerhoop! :sunglasses::upside_down_face::+1:

Edit: it’s come to my attention that I am actually cock-a-hoop

Sucks for us Kiwi’s but it’s all a game as long as you play by the rules let the best team win. So congrats to the poms…hope they do you proud. I’m half Pom too…and my parents are now both Australian…so is can have it anyway I like hahahaha

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Our French taxi driver this morning (on the way to CDG) was listening to the game on the radio, and quite pleased about the it all. I asked him if he was an England supporter, and he said yes. I guess they are everywhere. :grinning: Congrats and good luck.

Well in this situation, if your own national team goes out, you support a fellow 6 Nations team as it becomes a Northern Hemispheres vs Southern Hemisphere situation with rugby union. So that probably answers why a Frenchman is supporting England. If the situation were reversed, I would be supporting France. In the 6 Nations, after England, my support goes to Ireland.

Well to be fair, they were a man down and having to swim around the pitch… Leicester are better swimmers…

Maybe they needed armbands?

But LCFC are in the top three for good reasons: 9-0 is greatest away margin for top flight football ever, only two other clubs have won by 9:0, Vardy is the top scorer in the premiership this year, the first team with two hat-tricks, and Southampton’s worse defeat. Oh, and from a local derby perspective, scored more goals in one game than Derby did in the entire 2007-08 season. Their football is exciting to watch too.

And so have South Africa , But who I shout for in the final

I have dual citizenship , South Africa & England …

That’s a win-win situation no??

OOPS today I must be South African :smiling_imp:

Time for an ice cold Castle or 3

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Ugh :slightly_frowning_face:

Well played SA, a deserved and comprehensive win!

Disappointing from an England perspective, never got into the game at all really.

Well at least my kiwi boys got a podium place :slight_smile:

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I have been away for a long weekend, started badly with a disappointing RWC Final, but the rest has been great! Sadly England could not replicate the previous week’s dominance and fast open play. Truth is they were out-muscled up front in the pack, passing and general handling was poor and South Africa closed them down, slowed things down and did not give England a chance to play. not helped by losing Sinckler in the first two minutes, but that should not have mattered. England should not have played the kicking game. Full credit to SA for a worthy win.