Enhancement of Roon: graphical spectrum analyzer

Dear Roon-Team,
now I am using Room for 1 year and I decided to upgrade to a Life-time membership. I am not that familiar wit such chats and I do not know if it is the right place to enter a suggestion for an extension of Roon! Despite of my music Hardware I use Room to visualize the content on a 77 Inch television. It would be from my point of view a fantastic feature to add a kind of graphical spectrum analyzer e. g.
What do you think? Probably I am not the only one who is looking for such feature. Many thanks anyway.
Best regards from Munich


It seems like the kind of thing that would be more useful on Roon displays, but being web based (and maybe running on less capable devices), then are more likely to struggle to provide snappy response.

Still - such devices only get more capable over time - if a good snappy web display could be rendered in a web apps running on an R-PI 4 (along with SDK support for the bar graph data stream) I would be all for it :slight_smile:

Personally I have less interest in this on the mobile and computer based controller UIs, but maybe others tend to leave them on all the time so may have a different view, though that would change if Roon Server could yield a high performance display from a NUC via HDMI.

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I too like the OP would like a graphical spectrum analyser on my 77 inch television.
Is this in the works at Roon?

I second this feature request.
It should not be difficult for Roon to implement this feature since it is already doing DSP and EQ in the frequency domain.
It will be great if they can take it one step further to show the “before and after” of EQ on the frequency spectrum, so that clipping at specific frequency can be directly visualized instead of the current single red dot clipping indicator from headroom management.

Would love this feature, I’ve just come on here to make this suggestion and found it already here :slight_smile:

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