Entry-level hardware needed and a couple of other things which can be improved

You will be surprise. I do something similar with 32GB of Ram and i7-7700K.

I run:

Roon Server
Plex Server
KVM Server (5 vm’s)
Syncthing Server

All this running at the same time and the server does not struggle at all!
I also stream 4K and my DAC’s run at DSD512 and 256.

You should be just fine :slight_smile:

My mistake I ment to say that I will tax the minimum spec hardware a bit.

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@Geoff_Coupe, I don’t want to assume or project anything, but I really read this as “the lack of cheap roon-certified endpoints”, which is actually an issue in the, say, sub-$100 range when it comes to plug and play. Same applies to networked DACs - I can’t think of a plug-and-play, sub $400 alternative to a Pi+HAT, for rather simple models like, let’s say, making the boombox in the kitchen into a RAAT endpoint. I’m personally fine with building a Pi, but I can completely see where at least part of the Roon target market might not be, as I can see where you’d not want to spend $400 to get native support of your kitchen boombox on top of the $2000 you just spent on a server + license (and yes, of course and in practice and for reasonable people, Airplay compatibility).

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I agree when we’re talking about networked endpoints. However, the Dragonfly is a “Roon-certified endpoint” with, I assume, a better DAC than what is in your average laptop or PC. It’s an entry-level step-up to better SQ?

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Waitwait - pardon the dumb question, but you sure the Dragonfly black is an endpoint, and not just a cheap Roon-tested DAC ? I always assumed endpoints meant “I feed the thing network and power, it spits out RAATified music”.

(we of course agree on the rest, eh)

From the Glossary:


A synonym for Output.

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Ah, thanks !

I’d always thought the term referred to “networked standalone devices that output a RAATified signal”.

I think I’m right in saying that ‘Roon Ready’ network players such as my Lumin must use RAAT.
‘Roon Certified’ DACs, such as the Audioquest Dragonfly range, and other ‘Roon Certified’ DACs such as the Linn DS range etc don’t use RAAT, and as has been said already, still function as Roon endpoints.

Yes, RAAT is a network protocol, so it’s used for networked endpoints…

I found the use of a rpi with ropiee using an Allo DigiOne into a Unitiqute (could be any dac/amplifier) quite brilliant as an endpoint. Very simple to set up but I can understand the it may be quite daunting to some. If you have a dac this must class as a great low cost endpoint. I have now upgraded to a naim atom - brill but not low cost.

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There is more to chromecast than just the the Chromecast dongles. Chromecast endpoint speakers can be fantastic and work great. Even can use voice to skip or stop the music too. I got a several for 25.00 for the wall plug version and 35.00 for the portable version. So for around 120. bucks, 4 Wifi endpoints that can be grouped. Worked instantly.

There are plenty of inexpensive ways to utilize Roon.


I am going to be using a CCA but since they are discontinued and getting more expensive to find even used ones.

AVR (Audio Video Receiver)?
Admittedly I am ignorant with the want to find ‘roon tested/certified’ equipment if all you want to do is get up and running with minimal fuss and cost. Any good quality computer and good quality DAC will do the job. I have my computer (which is quite a few years old) to run any audio software, and I have an AVR (which is also quite a few years old) to receive the audio signal, the signal is sent through an HDMI cable.
The OP already has the computer and just needs something that has a DAC & amps, an AVR. Capable and robust AVRs can be had for much less than $500. Plus AVRs can run much more than just the computer audio/video, they can run CD players, cable, Bluray, Roku. Start a good sounding system for your TV, get away from TV speakers and soundbars.

Just watch out though for the problems with 96k material streamed to a GCA. See: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/chromecast-audio-dropouts/47890/62

Well shit, well on to plan b, Rob a bank with a @Martin_Kelly mask and buy myself a better bridge.

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Roon supports AirPlay and always has. There are dozens of airplay networked endpoints available at entry level prices. What more does Roon need to do than that?

Whilst airplay does not support hires if you are looking for entry level you don’t need that.

I don’t use the apple ecosystem, I have never used an apple device by choice.

I think I have exhausted all the options I can find, going to get a DAP instead

Building a Ropieee’d dac into an IQ Audio pimoroni case costs less than $100 and the main skill required is knowledge of numerals 1 through 9, as well as their order. It’s snap-together, with the exception of a couple of posts you need screws for. You could hire your neighbours’ not too brain-damaged 8-year old to do it for you if you have motor problems or acute dyscalculia.

If that’s too expensive or complicated for you, I think dietPi allows you to output from a Pi’s minijack.

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Use a GCA and limit samplerate to 48kHz in Roon settings


This is exactly what I have done with the CCA and it now works perfectly.

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