Environment Variables or Config Files for Backup location and Storage folders

I was reading the LinuxInstall article for a VM project I’m doing and I want to configure the Backup location and storage folders from either an environment Variable or a configuration file. Do you know if it is possible?

This isn’t a definitive answer but if you mean env variables that Roon recognizes at install or startup, then I think no. There’s the ROON_DATAROOT variable referenced in the knowledge base but this controls the location of cache and log files at startup.

Roon allows the user to manage the music and backup locations via the settings panels for storage and backups. Roon supports multiple locations for music storage and backups which might make env var support brittle.

I’ve looked through a few Dockerfiles and similar but haven’t seen any evidence of support for this.

I got a fairly reproducible automation setup for bringing up the roon core in a virtual machine and these 2 values (backup and storage folders) would prevent configuring those manually. I asked earlier for environment vars but the configuration file would be a better option.

I explored the /var/roon/ data structure but these values are not exposed, much less configurable. I am guessing I may have reached the end of it.