EQ and effects on MQA

Am I correct in assuming that applying EQ (or any other DSP) will alter or defeat MQA? I know there has been a lot of speculation about this but I was wondering if Roon found a way…

Next question: since the EQ is taking place within Roon how can the results be measured? I don’t see how external measuring tools would work.

Yes, it defeats MQA completely (at the moment). The Roon and MQA teams are working to allow Roon be able to decode MQA to 2x rate. More would be nice :slight_smile:

In terms of measurement, I’ve been asking myself this recently, and I think the only answer is a test CD with frequency sweeps.

Given that I’m running legacy Meridian DSPs I can’t get full fat MQA. I’d be happy if I can keep the MQA quality I have now with EQ.