EQ embedded within a track

Hi all,

I’d like to select EQ presets directly from the main window when the track is playing and associate a particular preset to a track or album.



I asked for it here:- Eq Preset stored in Album Metadata

Haven’t heard anything from Roon yet.

And here…

Myeah… Feature Requests seems to be the black hole of this forum…

Roon guys: I understand you have to juggle a lot of feature requests, plus bug fixes, plus actually doing work to advance the platform in strategic directions whatever those might be.

But I am pretty sure my feature requests (track-based eq, or searching on a different platform, or fixing the Moby madness) are both widespread and not super difficult to accomodate, so I’m kinda bummed by the silencio from you guys…

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Roon never comments on feature requests, but they do read them. It’s just the way they work. Imo nothing wrong.

I agree… They should not comment or else a debate will ensue.

However, I would expect some delivery…