EQ Settings for Audioquest Nighthawk

I’m new to using a parametric EQ. Can someone help me translate the below comment to Roon EQ settings? A screenshot would be helpful.

In this graph, you can see where I boosted 1, 3, and 8 khz by nearly 6 db. Then I reduced 160 hz by about 6 db, tapering off to -3 db at 600 hz. And that’s way after break-in. But that’s using an iPhone 6 and Oppo DAC. The EQ for desktop use was less dramatic, but still about +/- 4 db. In this graph, the vertical divisions are 6 db, and the vertical lines missing are 300 and 3000 hz.

You need 7 bands set up as peak/dip with the values from Dave’s forum.