Equalising volume for testing purposes

Hi there,

I have been doing lots of testing of various stuff during my time with Roon, PCM vs DSD when up-sampling, MQA vs hi res and tidal vs Qobuz are three off the top of my head.

To help testing, is there are way to equalise the volume for all these things to make testing a bit easier? Is it just to use the volume levelling?

Any thoughts or tips gratefully accepted.

Roon calls this feature Volume Leveling.


I don’t think that will address the volume difference moving between PCM and DSD (which I find confusing when doing comparisons). I’d be interested in easy ways to do this - all I can come up with is using a calibrated dB meter on a pink noise track and then either correcting through the amp or headroom correction. I haven’t yet bothered though!

Thanks for the replies.

I also find it tricky and any solution would need to be quick. I don’t think I am terribly good at critical listening and I find if I am not swapping back and forward quickly between tracks for example then I feel I loose the ability to compare. Its not a major problem, but I would be interested to know other methods.