Equivalence issue: Paolo Costa

first one

second one

but as pointed out in the link, there are 2 different Paolo Costa, a bass player (italian pop albums) and a tenor vocal (classical albums).

no feedback.

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

We’ve looked into this, and it looks like there are bad credits coming from our metadata provider. We’ve reached out to them asking that they review all of these credits.

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Hey @Niccolo_Terzi,

Our metadata provider has let us know that they have corrected this today. Please give this about a week or two to be reflected within Roon. Once you see the change on your end please mark this post as the solution.

Thanks for your report!

@dylan, they are still completely mixed up:

first one ok (i guess)

second one is mixed (both countertenor in jordi savall albums, bass player in others)

third one is totally mixed up

this last one is also credited as composer:

so he must be the italian bass player.

the 2 paolo costa are mixed up in allmusic.
one is this:

correct when credited as counter tenor vocal
wrong when credited as bass player.

in the second case he should be