Equivalents Issue: Ian Brown (Stone Roses) mixed up with Ian Brown (Classical Pianist)

Hi @support,

Can this be looked into please. I have quite a few albums:

where this Ian Brown (Classical Pianist)

is being mixed up with this Ian Brown (Stone Roses)

Hi @Tony_Casey,

On our end, the credits appear to be correct for each of these albums. They all point to the appropriate Ian Brown.

  • Did you have Ian Brown (either of them) in your library prior to Qobuz?
  • Do you have multiple Ian Brown’s in your library?
  • If you click the web link as seen in the screenshot you shared above, where does that link take you?

Thanks for responding. I had given up using roon because of the performance issues so I am only picking this up now.

I double checked and all those Classical albums in my initial post were still pointing to the wrong Ian Brown (Stone Roses). I then added a few additional Ian Brown (Classical Piano) albums from Qobuz. Now all these albums are pointing to the correct Ian Brown (Classical) and I can see all his appearances with the Nash Ensemble and various compilations. So that is good. I don’t know which album I added that made a new artist link.

No picture and no bio though. Is it possible to fix that?