Erase all Roon Listening statistics

I have Roon running on a NUC and use an Ipad as my remote. Is there a way to erase the ROON history so it will start tracking my listening habits from scratch? I keep my Roon NUC and DAC on full time and realize it’s been running when I’m not actively listening, so I have a listening history that is based off it running on its own un-supervised. I’d like to start over…and I’ll make sure I turn it off. Adding a “Stop” button in the next release would be nice! So it’s clear, I want to have all counts and statistics equal zero after this “desired” reset.

Yes, it’s possible. Goto your Roon history, select one track by tapping it while holding your touch.
On the top left of your screen, you will see: 1 selected. Tap there and select all.
Now tap edit on the top right of your screen. And delete plays.
I am not gonna test this myself, but I would guess that this will work.

And by the way, Roon playing on its own (Roon radio) can be turned off in the queue screen.

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@Richey_Madison, your Roon Radio based listening history does not count towards your playback tastes. That would be circular in nature and pointless.

Thanks @Arlen, this is what I wanted to do. I can start from scratch now and see if the Valence will reflect my patterns!

Please report back on your experience of this. There is some debate as to whether personal choice will make any difference at all on an individual basis.

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As Danny said above Roon radio which is what has been playing doesn’t affect Valence.

Also you would need to clarify if (or how much) of your listening history is stored in the Roon cloud.

I don’t think what you are doing will have any effect.


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the stuff in the cloud is anonymized, so it impacts the training set as a whole.

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Okay, so reporting back on my little experiment…may be good data for Roon developers…who knows. I erased my entire listening history…I should have written down how many (either 29,000 or 290,000 songs +/-). Then started over with about 30 songs that I selected and put in a playing list, all from the R&B Genre. This starting list was mostly different artists, maybe with a few songs by the same artist from different Albums. The very next “Radio” song automatically suggested and played by Roon was a Country Genre song, after which the next 70 songs after were Country songs. As other observers here said, it was mostly playing different tracks off the same albums by a small selection of the same artists. I am only using my library, which includes almost 7000 full albums of all genres and slightly less than 3000 artists. I’m not sure what types of algorithyms the Radio suggestions use…but it’s definitely not intuitive based upon individual listening habits. Perhaps its based off the collective Roon subscriber listening habits. Anyway, thought I would share my observations based upon the first 100 songs, I’m going to erase again and turn Radio off. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and input!