Erasing a Windows PC and loading ROCK

Instead of buying a NUC can I erase windows off my old PC and install ROCK and run it as my core? I searched the threads and didn’t see where you only use the PC to run ROCK?



ROCK is only supported by Roon running on the NUCs that are listed on their help site.

That said it might work, the only way to know would be to try it.

This setup is often referred to as a MOCK and you will find discussions about it in the Tinkering section of this site.

You could consider installing a Linux distribution rather than ROCK … se Linux section.


Roon works just fine with Windows. Give it a try first.


Yes, as @Rugby suggests, you could try running Roon Core on Windows, rather than using ROCK in an unsupported configuration. The former would be supported if you ran into trouble. (But ROCK lets one avoid the Windows constant updating and such.)

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Don’t erase Windows unless you have a fallback. ROCK is designed to run on specific hardware. It can run on other hardware but isn’t guaranteed to work, normally because the Ethernet chipset isn’t recognised. However if it is recognised you should get it working fine.

I’d try to put it on an alternative SSD if you have one.

There is nothing wrong with Windows , I ran Roon on a Desktop for years . i7 7700 processor with 16 g RAM . It was my main general purpose PC even down to running SQL Server in the background

I only moved to the NUC for convenience .

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Should you choose to run ROCK, you don’t need to actively erase anything.

Installing ROCK will do that for you.