Ergonomic problem with "love" button

The “love” button on this screen is placed next to the title of the WORK (see picture) but when we use it, the love tag is actually given to the current TRACK, not the work. There is no way to love this version of the work from this screen. There should be a “love” button next to the track to “love” the current track and the existing button should be to love this work interpretation.

A third love button to love the album, next to the album name of course, would be nice too.

On the Now Playing screen, the like button is always for the current track. Indeed, where the piece is multi-part, this is shown, as seen in your screenshot, and for mobile devices, below.

I know that only the current track can be loved. This is the point : not to be fooled by the heart next the WORK title, and to be able to love both the work and the track in the “Now Playing” screen. This is my feature suggestion : not to be fooled, and being able to love both (for classical music more sens to love the work interpretation than a single track)

I think you missed my point, it is the track title, i.e., all parts of the work have the same title in this instance. The part name and number, which is displayed in such circumstances, are used to identify each track.

Now that you know how it works, you won’t be fooled. :slight_smile:

If you want to like the work, click on the album and do it from there.

But what is the problem with my proposal ? Isn’t it more clear and more convenient ? Everybody have a “one click” love and is happy ! (especially classical lovers)

In my view, no because it breaks the consistency of the interface. If other people like it, they will vote.