Error since update to Roon (354): Extensions stop working when closing windows version of Roon

Since the release of Roon build 354, the extension stops working every time i close the desktop client (Windows). I’m using the following setup:

This extension needs a Roon core running to be able to work. Is the Windows Desktop client you are using the same system that is providing the Roon core or do you have a separate core?

Roon Core and Extension Manager running on my NAS.

This set-up worked before the update to the Roon build (354).

This is also affecting the Deep Harmony extension as I cant find External Source Control anymore its disappeared since the update.

At this point I have no idea if this is related to Deep Harmony or changes in Roon core or UI. I know of one Deep Harmony user who is affected, and myself and another user seem not to be affected.

It may be worth restarting extensions. With Deep Harmony 2.1 this should not be needed nor make any difference, but always possible a bug has escaped termination :slight_smile:

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Maybe that’s why?

Already pushed out an update. See other thread.

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Thank you @spockfish.
After updating all my extensions (btw. none got a new version number) and restarting, re enabling them in Roon, it now works again.

Still having issues with ROCK and Ropieee and Deep Harmony extensions. Deep Harmony worked after update yesterday but todays update broke it again and I cant get it too work. Ropieee is doing all sorts of weird stuff.