Error updating on my roon devices

Error update for my iMac, ROCK and ropiee.
Roon error

Don’t worry the update servers are down.

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Thank you.

Can the software be updated now?
How long does it take for the server to be repaired?

The Update server(s) are still down at the moment. Roon Labs are aware of the problem and presumably are working on it. It will take as long as it takes…

Lol. That ist Just my bad Luck.

I just right now Setup a Intel NUC with Rock.

And I was looking forward to use it now.

But No update No Roon.


That’s frustrating! You can keep an eye on the update server here …


Intel NUC with Roon Rock ist already up and running.

Everything fine so far.

But still no Update possible.

Roon Update Server are still down.

please fix them.

My Patience ist running Low.

How about grabbing the updates’ download and installing that?

From where ? is it possible to update manually?

Okay i know. But what about Roon Rock

What about Roon Nucleus? Just came back from my vacation and saw this !!!

You might survive without an update for a day?

Yes, indeed. But it is a surprise to see this problem.

While it isn’t great, servers sometimes go down unscheduled. It happens :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, agreed. It can happen and is bound to happen to any server, but my surprise is the “duration” of the down time.

Hi all,

I believe the update server had a temporary issue (around 24 hours or so) but should be fully restored by now.

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Yep, it’s up now, all set.

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