Error when downloading 1.3 build 200 [resolved, antivirus interfering]

Roon tries to download build 200 but I only get the message there was an error checking for an update any suggestions what will cause this?

It may help if you explain if you are using a PC or a wireless control device of some sort, as well where your core is stored :grinning:

It is on my PC and the Core is on the PC. As soon as I hit about in the setting tab it will say checking for update and the progress bar will start to download but in the end I get the error message :frowning:

Can you try restarting your PC and let us know if the error persists?

Now when I restarted my computer it cant find Roon, I know this happened to me before when there was an update and I had to re-install Roon with a new download from your website.

No answer to this @support

I can download the new version and install that from your website but then it has to rescan my music again…

In 1.2 I had zero problems but now in 1.3 i also have problem with my remote on Android, sometimes when i opens the Roon remote it is just a blackscreen, I have to manually stop the app in phone settings and then it works next time.

This isn’t true. You can install the new version over the old one without re-scanning music again. Don’t uninstall first. Try that next.

I just did as you told me @brian and the download gave me the old build 196 and still the same message that there was an error downloading build 200.

But now Roon is working again but with the old 196 that I thougt after closing Roon the computer cant find Roon again…gahhh

@Fredrik_Andersson – i have just verified that the links on the website download build 200 on mac/win64/win32/linux, for Roon and RoonServer

is something interfering or caching your downloads? possibly your ISP?

When you grab the pkg mannually from our website, can you tell me exactly how many bytes the thing you downloaded was and what url it grabbed it from?

This is the link @danny

Size is 26946Kb

The same thing happened to me and after my roon crashed the new one I downloaded was build196. And roon updated itself to build200

Well today I got time to fiddle around with this. I uninstalled Roon only application not databases. Run CCleaner and restarted the computer. This time when I downloaded Roon I stopped Panda Antivirus and now the installation was different from before and there it was 1.3 build 200 installed.

My guess is antivirus was interfering

So do I @danny just that I did not think of that when the problems started. I have set Roon to not install any update autmaticly so I can switch of the antivirus program when it does the upgrades.

I seem to be having the same issue with the update to build 204. I’ve disabled Windows defender on my Windows 10 Surface Pro, but still have the issue. I’ll also note that if I download Roon from the web site, it is build 203.

Avg antivirus flagged 204 as problematic on my PC, requiring me to manually allow the install. It did not do this with previous versions.