eSOTY - try this, THE song of THAT year

evocative Song Of The Year

You may love this song, or it might remind you of utter misery…

Use Roon to isolate each year by LP (album, if you insist…)

Create a Playlist of your life….

It can get really hard to choose, and brings back all sorts of memories

In your library (actual or linked)
Listened to and significant in the year of issue (not you found/liked after)
Only one track per year


Good idea, huge rabbit hole :wink: Sounds like a perfect over Christmas activity…

It is!

I don’t think I could do it without Roon (or even that it would have occurred to me)

I wonder if you’ll hit the year focus bug? ie. That the years option disappears and the only way (I’ve found) to fix it is to shut the iPad App down and reopen it