Essential features

Probably ambitious for 1.3 but would it be possible for Roon to select a group of my favourite albums without me realising it, beam them directly into my brain, while simultaneously silencing my noisy children and making me a nice cup of tea ?

This piece of sarcasm was brought to you by an individual that really appreciates the work that had made this product, is patient for new developments and realises Roon can never be all things to all people…


I know we’re not meant to ask but it would be great to know when this feature will be available. Will it be ready by October?

Any further information that could be provided about the potential age ranges of children able to be silenced, and the types of tea that will be supported in the first iteration would be appreciated too.


Tea? Not very ambitious in my view. Maybe a selection of fine red wines, followed by XO Cognac? I think limiting this feature to tea would be a massive mistake.


If you don’t think tea’s ambitious you really haven’t tasted it using triple filtered, demagnetised water. It gives it an inky blackness with a much wider and taller bouquet. You get a palpable sense of the tea plantation resting on your tongue. It’s expensive but if your taste buds are revealing enough, you really have to try it.


Until someone is able to supply me a high quality stream of filtered tea i’m not convinced . I am NOT buying a whole new range of tea making equipment to enjoy my carefully collected range of vintage teas AGAIN !

I know, I know, this needs its own thread !

Develop “silence noisy children” technology.

I don’t see where Roon fits into this new business model.


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After half a bottle of XO, I’d be surprised if I could get the teabag in the mug…