Etcher Bricked my USB Stick

I started trying to setup ROCK but did not get too far. Etcher gives me an error/fails when trying to configured my USB stick.

For various reasons I decided to table my attempt but now have a bricked USB stick. I cannot find a way, even in Disk Management, to return it to a usable state. It shows as “Unallocated” space but will not let me create a simple volume.

So I guess I have two questions. Any idea why Etcher would fail and how do I get it formatted for Windows use again?

I found instructions online for using the diskpart command to restore it. Surprising that Disk management could not do it…

Any ideas about Etcher failing?

Try diskpart via console.

list disk will show you all your disks.

select disk number

clean will erase all partitions and make the usb stick clean but attention! Make sure you have selected the right disk before making the clean command.


Not sure why Etcher was failing. Create a logical volume on Disk management (FAT32 or NTFS) for the complete stick. Then Etcher should no have any reason to nag.

Consider the possibility your stick is faulty. Find a way to check it out.

Thanks for the replies.

It has been working for quite a few years but I have one fresh NTFS partition on it now and will try again.

Etcher will just reformat it anyway.

I also use Rufus instead of etcher sometimes.

RUFUS worked. Thanks a lot!

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ROCK is up and running on my DIY Streamcom fanless PC using an ASROCK H87M-ITX board. ROCK did not like my on-board NIC so I had to use a spare USB ethernet dongle. Pointing to music on my NAS currently rather than local files.


Thanks for the tips. Roon ROCKS!


What is the nic chipset?

Qualcom Atheros AR8171 for the on-board LAN which I could not get ROCK to connect with.

The USB3 dongle that works uses ASIX AX88179.

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