Etcher USB flashing on Apple Computers with M Series Chips

Hi all,

last week I finally migrated from running Roon on my Synology to ROCK. The installation went well and I think Roon’s KB walking through the setup are reasonably well written. Although, I have noticed and in case I am not the only one experiencing this, the lates version of balenaEtcher which is linked from the Roon KB ROCK Install Guide did not work on my M1 MacBook.

It simply stopped the flashing process without any error message or anything. I had to look for a ARM version of Etcher and made it work that way. The version I am using (v.1.7.8) is pretty outdated but at least that version asked for my admin password during the flashing process getting the correct authentication to flash the USB drive.

In case others are experiencing something similar I hope this helps.

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Thanks. When needed sure it is going to help

I did experience the same. Had to use an Intel based iMac to get it done.

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Works fine here on a Mac mini M1. I flashed to drives this week, one for ROCK and one for Ropiee. I just used the “Download for Mac OS link” in the green box.

MBP M1pro. No probs to flash a RoPieee image with Etcher the other day.

Also working fine for me on various Apple Silicon machines. Used many times. Version 1.7.8 (not sure why auto update didn’t carry it forward). Activity Monitor says it’s the Intel architecture version.

Time to reveal our installed versions of MacOS?
I’m using Ventura 13.1

I’m also on Ventura 13.1 but I’ve used Etcher on Apple Silicon since the first M1 Air and Mini were released.

I’m on MacOS 13.1 as well. MacUpdater says that my version 1.7.8 of Etcher is native ARM.

The main version from their site did not ask me for an admin password when trying flashing. The ARM version did and after acquiring the correct permission on my Mac was able to flash my USB drive.

I am not sure whether any of the recent updates changed things. I think I did use version 1.13.2 as two new updates arrived later this week,

Maybe this is related?

Thxs! That one works for me!