Ethernet Switch or Hub?

(Jerry Sander) #1

I’ve got an Eero router that doesn’t have any extra ports for me to use to wire an Ethernet connection and a modem that doesn’t either. I’ve heard of “switches” that seem to provide extra ports (such as but…what would you recommend as the best way of getting my computer on a separate, Ethernet-wired connection while I have these limitations? Any specific advice is appreciated!

(Henry) #2

Right, all you need is a simple 5 or 8 port SOHO switch. No need for POE which was what you pointed at
The 5 port version of what you want by that company would be a GS105 and shouldn’t really be any more than 20 £/€/$. You need a single port out of your existing gear into this and you can then plug 4 items into it.
Just to confirm you would connect the modem into the switch and the router and other items out of the switch.

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(Jerry Sander) #3

Thank you, Henry. Looking to buy one right now. “Unmanaged,” I believe, not “smart.” Smart always gets a person in trouble…

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(Robert ) #4

Switches work fine. I have multiple eero modules. The main one (wired) feeds a 16 port netgear business grade unmanaged switch. My media center (on the other side of the house) is also hardwired from that main eero, and it feeds another 8 port switch.

(Daniel Beyer) #5

Have never had any issues with them and they are inexpensive.

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(Jerry Sander) #6

Thank you; that’s just what I bought!

(Maxxim M) #7

I used solutions from various companies. There have always been problems. I changed everything to ubiquiti and forgot about the problems :


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(Juergen Reklies) #8

in my opinion the Power Supply of the Switch is also Important for the sound Quality.
I get very good Results with Models that have it Build in like the „GSW-0809“ Level one.