Ethernet to network or USB straight from from Nucleus to PS Audio Directstream junior?

I have my Nucleus wired to the internet via ethernet. My PS Audio Direct Stream Junior sits 10 feet away and is connected to the internet via ethernet too of course. I control Roon via my laptop wirelessly, using Quboz which is “installed” on the Nucleus. It works fine and sounds good.

Should I for any reason hardwire the Nucleus to the DirectrStream via USB and set the Directstream to use the USB input from the Nucleus rather than what’s currently happening (the DirectStream is finding the Nucleus on the network via ethernet). In other words is there any sonic benefit or any other reason to hardwire the Nucleus to the DirectrStream?

Why ask here and not there?

Note: Likely only a small number of users here are using PS Audio products, let alone the DAC in question.

Thanks for the help. I’ll move it.

Bottom line is you can connect both - but I would suggest you actually dont do it at the same time, but try one or the other and see which one YOU like the sound of better…enable each on the Settings Audio so when you use either connection you know whats what :smiley:

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