Ethernet To Your Core - Almost Always A Way


Most excellent but Jim please replace the blue one with the ripped boot. The network engineer in me cringes.

Layer 1 is the first place to start with networking. It’s why they called it layer 1.


Thanks. That’s the cable around the house. I could purchase a kit to redo the connector, but I won’t until/unless there is a problem.

Ok, just hoping to help,

It’s quite simple to cut off and terminate a new RJ-45 connector. A small bag of them along with a crimper might be $15, perhaps $20.

Postscript: fine be that way. Just joking :wink: It may very well work just fine indefinitely. Enjoy the new stability.

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Not new, I’ve had it for over a year. Just posted because so many seem to think they can’t use ethernet and must struggle with WIFI.

I was expecting to hear about the spider on the wall.

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