Evaluation: players

Dear all
I am still in my evaluation perdiod. Still VERY excited.
I was just wondering: if I see my SONOS players. Which is the better resulat: playing through SONONS or Airplay? I see them twice.
And why is only my SONOS connect shwon as Roon Tested and all the other SONOS components not?
Thanks for answering .Regards.

Sonos streaming is what I use. Only the S1 devices are shown as Roon tested as Sonos haven’t bothered sending any of the S2 devices for testing. They will work the same so don’t worry about it. Airplay limits you to 44.1/16 with Sonos streaming this is bumped to 44.1/24. Not a bigger just use which one you feel works best.


Roon allows you to group “like” devices together. If you have Airplay devices you want to group your Sonos gear that works if you enable the Sonos devices as Airplay. Otherwise I’d stick with them as Sonos.

You can also enable as both, which I’ve done, so I can group as Airplay but use Sonos streaming when not grouped.

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