Eversolo MQA color dots

When streaming MQA I get a red dot behind MQA, I see in the manual there should be a green or blue dot. Any idea what the red dot represents? I am using analog out to preamp. This is definitely coming from Roon as if streaming from the ES app a blue dot appears. Just curious about it, does not seem to alter the audio quality that I can hear anyway.

Roon has no control as to what the display shows that’s down to Eversolo

If you’re using Roons built in MQA decoder then it will be sending an MQA decoded signal which the Eversolo will display differently as it’s not doing the full decode and render. You likely don’t have it configured correctly. If you want the device to perform the full MQA decode and render then you need to configure it in Roons device settings to not use Roons MQA decoder and set MQA abilities to decode and renderer. If you do want to use Roons decoder due to wanting DSP then enable the MQA decoder and set decide to renderer only.

What’s your Roon signal path show?

All is correct. It’s receiving a decoded MQA signal which it will then perform the final rendering. It won’t be the colour you expect as it’s not doing the whole process. It shows MQA on the display and the incoming rate.

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Turn off the Parametric EQ.

EDIT: If you want lossless. Any modification of the lossless signal, it’s no longer lossless, but it probably sounds better.

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maybe an indication it’s Unavailable?

Why it’s working as it should you can see that in the signal path. He’s obviously using peq for a reason.

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That did it, turned off and the dot turned to Blue. Could really care less what color it is, it was just curiosity more then anything. Turned the EQ back on, as it sounds better. Thank for your response.


The light just indicates if the Eversolo is doing the full MQA decode and render, green is MQA, Blue MQA studio, red means it’s receiving a decoded MQA signal (they don’t list that in the manual). Roon shows the DAC is doing the additional MQA rendering as the last stage called ORFs.


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