Excel Integration

I have used many music playback software applications over many years. Almost all of them are clunky.

I suggest significantly improving integration with excel.
1.) I would export the entire Library, including all metadata, to a *.csv file.
2.) Users can then open in excel, where they can sort tracks as they wish and save them as a new *.csv file.
3.) Roon should create an import utility to preserve the file and the sort order as the user intended.
4.) The user could also create and/or modify Genre tags to something more useful. The import utility could also parse the appropriate fields.

5.) Users would have to follow a preset data template for import to work correctly.

The main reason for using excel is that it is widely used and understood. Also, its Table features make sorting very easy and intuitive.

I think this type of process could significantly enhance the enjoyment of ROON and help open new musical discoveries.

You can do this now on a desktop client.

Go to Albums, select all, click on the 3 dot menu, select export, select Excel.

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Select all?

Iā€™m sorry if I appear thick, but the user interface in ROON has always seemed contrived to me. Locations of many of the user cues are buried. I always feel like I am on an Easter Egg hunt. I thought Photoshop had a steep learning curve!

First, I forgot to thank you for your response to my query.

I trial and errored my way to finding how to select all & export. I respectfully suggest that these types of commands should be more explicitly placed.

I read elsewhere in the forums that when the csv file was renamed with a m3u extension, that the play order was not preserved. Is there a work around?


  1. Select one and then in the top left use the drop down to Select all

  2. In Windows Ctrl-A

Well I found exporting very easy - the instructions were clear to me.

So, the next question is, can an import of an edited export be done?

You might find the article on Keyboard shortcuts for OSX and Windows helpful. Roon seems to be sticking closely to the OS conventions in both cases, I think.

Thank you.

However, I submit that relying on keyboard shortcuts to navigate through a large application is nuts. It underscores one of my key complaints that the UI is not intuitive, logical, or user-friendly.