Exchange rates discussion

One guy posted years ago on another forum that the American made speakers he wanted cost so much in Australia that he could fly business class to America, buy two extra seats on the way back for the speakers and they would still be cheaper than in the store.

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LOL. Before the lock downs I was planning on spending a week in London before dragging a piece of Mark Levinson kit back to Copenhagen as that was so much cheaper than buying it here.

I think there’s some exaggeration there!

Our dollar is a bit under CAD - we typically track fairly evenly. I think it was ~2012 our dollar hit parity and just beyond US dollar. SInce that time, there has been a concerted push to keep AUS dollar low for the sake of exports - mostly mining & agriculture. As we aren’t a manufacturing nation (these days), I don’t think we have the mix balanced correctly, but that’s politics for ya.

Back when our dollar was on parity, I was buying almost all m consumer goods from the US - electronics, sport, clothes etc. It became considerably cheaper to import, shipped (express) and so, even compared to wholesale (I was running a small business at the time). Aaah the good ol’ days!

Now we get smashed again, including housing that is arguably the most expensive in the world per capita. :laughing:

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Don’t live in South Africa :sob:

The pound was R19 it’s now R 23, cellphones are reverting to 2 tin cans and a bit of string very soon

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When I were a lad I used to dream of owning my own bit o’string.


I beat you to the video …

At least my OAP gets an increase

When I was looking into this I was surprised at the price differences within Europe of Mark Levinson dealers. You cannot buy on-line from another country either. Difference between Denmark and UK is about +40%.

Used to live int shoebox in back garden :grin:

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Watch the video for tips …

… We dreamed of living in a shoe-box…