❗ About the Sales and Trades category (READ THIS FIRST) ❗

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Sales and Trades is not a discussion forum, so only interested buyers or sellers should post in this section.

We have created a Feedback Thread for people to post their experiences buying, selling, and trading here on the Roon Community. Please consider adding your trading experience to that thread.

For now, dealers, manufacturers, and affiliates are allowed to post in this section with offers they wish to extend to the Roon community. If spamming becomes a problem, this policy may change, or selling and trading may be banned on the Roon community site.

Important: The Sales and Trades category is for posts offering to buy, sell or trade goods and services between Roon members. All transactions arising from such posts are between members. Roon Labs is not acting as an intermediary and makes no representations or warranties regarding the content of such posts or such goods or services. Members should make their own arrangements regarding the transaction including as to delivery, payment, refund and dispute resolution. The Terms of Service apply generally to your use of the Roon Community Forum.

Who Can Post

Feel free to post in this section if you are a Roon member and:

  • Are sufficiently active in the Roon Labs Community to have achieved Trust Level 2
  • Have gear to sell that may be interest to the Roon Labs Community
  • Are looking to buy something specific that’s relevant to the Community
  • Are offering a service that members of the Community might be interested in
  • If you are offering a product or service free of charge to other members of the Commnuity


  • Roon Labs staff and the moderators of the Roon Labs Community are not here to arbitrate disputes, and Roon Labs is not responsible for trades or sales initiated by members of the community. Please be sure about fees, exchanges rates, VAT, Customs, etc and discuss what to do if something may end up costing more or less than planned.

  • Posting Sales and Trades requires that you have achieved Trust Level 2. You can read more about Trust Levels here. If you are interested in a Sale or Trade but are unable to post, send a Message to the user by clicking on their name.

  • Exercise caution when buying, trading, or selling with people you don’t know – Roon Labs staff and Community Moderators cannot and will not settle disputes

  • Please include a location in your profile [not in the post itself]

  • If you are a professional audio dealer, manufacturer, re-seller, or representative of any audio manufacturer or business, you must include this affiliation in your profile, under the Title section as described here. If you would like to make an offer to the Roon Labs Community on behalf of your company or organization, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

  • If you wish to list your email address or phone number; please add it to your forum profile (as opposed to including it in your post)

  • Please be courteous and make your offers privately – if you don’t think something’s a good deal, move on. Sellers, buyers, and interested parties can message each other privately by clicking the user’s name and then clicking Message. No haggling in public.

  • Describe the item clearly in the subject of the post – if you think it’s an “once in a lifetime deal”, save that for the body of the post

  • Include a price in the body of the post, as opposed to the title. Both sellers and buyers are welcome to state a guide price.

  • “Keyword spamming” is not allowed

  • Only advertise a given item in one thread; having it in more than one thread leads to misunderstanding and also takes more effort to maintain.

  • The selling of products populated with music files is not allowed


Roon Labs staff and the moderators of the Roon Labs Community are not here to arbitrate disputes. Exercise caution when buying, trading, or selling with people you don’t know.

Posts that do not conform may be removed or edited without notice. If in doubt please contact the moderators for advice before posting.

Please flag any posts that do not conform to the rules above.

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