Exclude certain kinds of content (DJ sets, Podcasts) from your listening stats

Could it be possible to exclude certain kinds of content from the listening stats?

There will always be some edge case that won’t work for all, so unfortunately this may need to be a setting option. In my case I’d be happy to lose a few edge-case, single-track ‘concept’ albums to clear out all the Podcast and DJ mixes from my listening stats.

Some possible solutions:

  • Based on content type ie. allow non LP/CD based content (ie. Podcast, Radio Shows, DJ mixes, your own recordings) to be tagged (manually or automatically, ideally the later) in such a way that they get excluded from the stats.
  • Length ie. exclude any single track longer than 1hr (I realise this may throw up some false positives, in my case I can live with that, but I understand that some may want this an a user option in settings). But it does seem like the quickest/easiest to implement solution.
  • Tracks longer than a given length (45mins?) that aren’t part of a matched/known album.

The ideal solution — which I imagine would only really work if the non LP/CD based content became it’s own content type in Roon — would be to show multiple lists ie. have a tabbed box that let you toggle between various categories of audio content ie. Top Albums / Podcasts / Other.

Currently it seems to be simply based on time which makes the stats useless if you listen to a few DJ mixes or Podcasts.