Exclude Hidden Albums from Listening Stats

Hi all,

Hope you’re all enjoying 1.8 - I am :blush:

I play white noise every night to sleep to. I’ve created a playlist with two tracks, I set these up as “hidden”. I’ve marked the playlist as “hidden” also. I love the new “what you’ve been listening to” dashboards but I really don’t want hidden tracks being shown in there.

I thought the whole purpose of hidden tracks was to hide them from these stats. Am I doing something wrong or missing something?

Any guidance greatly appreciated.


I have the same issue, but perhaps a bit more exaggerated.

I use Roon to play background lullabies for my baby, playing certain playlists all night long, every night, and often it’s left playing all day.

Subsequently my history over the last few weeks is 80+ hrs of one artist and a few handfuls of tracks.

I fear the new recommendations engine will be massively polluted with this history and would really like a way to clean it up / exclude tracks.

Going forward I have found that multiple profiles seem to have distinct heart/ban settings for the library, and the different profiles have differing history, but I’m unsure the best way to ensure playback is being tracked under one profile or the other.

It’s not wrong, but it’s also not helpful to me.

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Maybe a workaround for you two would be to create another Profile called Baby or White Noise or something. Then switch to that profile when playing lullabies or the white noise.

The stats stick with the profile.

Be sure to switch back to your regular Profile in the morning.

Just an idea.

Cheers, Greg

The profile selected at the time you played the content or added it to the queue is the one that ends up recording the play stats.

You can delete plays from the history page or move them to other profiles if you want to clean up.

I wouldn’t worry too much about polluting recommendations with repetitive content like this, though. It won’t have a very big effect.

Thanks for the feedback! The purpose of hidden is to remove albums from certain views of your library within the app. It is not intended to affect the play history. The best way to have a listening session that does not impact your history is to use a different profile.

Ahh, I was looking under the selection context menu (…), I overlooked the “edit” icon.

I appreciate the late response from the CTO, keep up the good work!

I’m excited to try the recommendations and discovery features out, as that’s what I was sorely missing in prior versions. Hence my concern with history influencing recommendations and trends.

Thanks for the responses - I’ll give the profile workaround a shot.

OK - Unless I’m missing something the only way to select items in history is to manually select them from the list. This makes selectively deleting / moving to another profile a non-starter for me, but thanks for the suggestion. :frowning:

You can “shift-click” to multi select groups of contiguous tracks, but yes, ultimately to move things you do have to tell Roon what you want moved :smiley:

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the reply - shift-click is my new best friend.

It would be even better if I were able to manipulate the history view with a filter or sort, so that I could limit my view to just those tracks I’m seeking or at very least force them into a contiguous group.

Still job done :+1: - thanks again.

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Just did this myself last night. Doubt I got all of them, but dramatically improved my stats views.

  • 1 for sort/filtering of History view to ease cleanup.