Exclusive mode functionality

Exclusive mode is described by Roon as being very important with a usb connection, but is not available as a selectable option for an ethernet connection. Roon explains that the same functionality with a networked connection is achieved “internally in the device”. I am not sure what “device” means in this context, or how the exclusive mode functionality is achieved. I am running a dCS Rossini DAC from a mac min, both connected to a Luxul ethernet switch that goes directly to a router. All music storage other than streaming is local from a thunderbolt SSD. Am I correct that Roon is taking control of the mac in exclusive mode using this setup?

In that setup, MacOS is not involved with audio.

Danny, thank you for that clarification. I take that to mean that Roon (Roon Server on the mini in my case – I control it wirelessly from a laptop running Roon) is not running through Core Audio on the mac. Just to carry it a step further, does your comment mean that Roon takes priority over the same mac OS background functions that would be disabled by Exclusive mode with a usb connection?
Thank you again!

To your dCS Rossini over the network? Yes, you are correct.

If using USB on MacOS, you need to enable exclusive mode or else it’ll go through the core audio mixer.