Excuse the ignornace but why are the Roon editorial blurbs so crazily subjective?

I’m new to the Roon community but I’ve been collecting recordings since the early 80s, and have sung in classical choirs around the world for 40 years etc etc. I read the blurbs that accompany some recordings on Roon with increasing trepidation. From whence do they come? Why are they so subjective? Why are recordings ‘grotesque’, ‘shallow’, garish’, conductors ‘superficial’, ‘facile’, recordings ’ ‘harsh’, ‘shallow’, ‘hard’? etc. Are these blurbs written by professional musicians or soi-disant critics? Such a degree of variability and absence of perspective. What do they add to the Roon experience? Not much so far…

They’re subjective because they are the opinion of a reviewer, taken from Rovi (AllMusic.)

They are often helpful to those exploring a new genre or artist, performance etc., although I can’t comment on classical as I’m a novice in that regard.

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they are editorial!