Existing licensees of your software

Will Meridian continue to license/ use your software in their Sooloos products?

First, let’s start by stating that Meridian owns the Sooloos name and the Sooloos line of products. The recent 2.2 release, along with future updates will be worked on by people internal to Meridian, to which I don’t have the knowledge to speak of.

Roon was built on the ideas and code our team developed before Meridian, at Meridian, and after Meridian. This product may be licensed by Meridian in the future, and although we all hope it will be, the decision lies in their hands, not ours. No one at Roon can speak to what is happening inside Meridian any more than you can. They seem good to work with us, and we are good to work with them. I’d love to see them release something new with our new Roon software.

As for now, we have no licensees to our technology. Remember, we just split out. That will change in the coming weeks/months.

Thanks and good luck. I believe on the Meridian forum this question is answered slightly differently. They indicate that services? using Roon should be able to play through their rendering devices.

Our software has Meridian streaming audio endpoint support in our application, as we were very familiar with the technology (we built it years ago). This includes things like the MS200, MS600, ID40, etc… but we do not support the “Core” devices, other than for audio endpoints. We also support other streaming technologies, with the list growing often.

The storage on the Meridian “Core” devices could theoretically be used as a NAS as well, but I personally have not had a Sooloos system in a while to play with. If you went with Meridian + QNAP, then we will support that QNAP for storage.

As I mentioned in the Platforms FAQ, until we have a partner that publishes a “Core” style device, you will have to use one of the supported platforms to run the brains of the system.

Did you see someone post something that says we have licensed our technology to others? We are in talks with a few partners, but nothing is finalized.

@danny that FAQ link doesn’t work for me. Is there another category that isn’t open to all users?

Sorry! i think @mike hasn’t opened up the support forum yet because we don’t have anything to support yet :slight_smile:

i wrote:

OS X, Windows, Android to start. iOS coming soon after. We have a Linux/X11 build working in-home, but at the moment, we are not releasing that.

Also, we do not offer a dedicated hardware product to run our software, although we are in talks with a few partners to offer this.

I have not seen anything elsewhere. I just assumed Meridian and HP were on board and perhaps others.

Meridian MC200 and C10/C15 Core products can be made endpoint by disabling the core in setup
As the distributor for Meridian for Norway. I have had privilge to see Ennos presentation and more of what I would expect to be the Roon system. And it will blow your socks off, it has all I need, I have been missing and didnt know that I needed - but need/need now, I cant say anything more as Im under NDA.

MDS Norway AS


I’m now salivating in anticipation… :slight_smile:

No longer bothered about the MC200, it was always a stopgap. Though the MS200 now makes sense.
You can have my MC200 as part-exchange if you like, I’m already onside.
My Silverstone boxed i7, 16GB RAM, HTPC has been waiting for this moment since I sold my Squeezebox Touch - Bring it on!