Exit full screen with one click

I find I am using the remote on the big screen more than on the remote. As is known, the Roon Remote window will only display in fullscreen mode. That is a bit irritating, but it is how it is for a reason so we just live with it.

What is more irritating is that to do other things after selecting music I have to click into the menu, then maneuver to click inside the little box so it exits full screen.

It would be very nice to have a button in any view that would give a one click exit, just as there is a one click access by clicking on the fullscreen link in the Roon window.

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I find I am using the remote on the big screen more than on the remote. As is known, the Roon Remote window will only display in fullscreen mode. [/quote]

Er, sorry, but I’m not understanding you, my fault, I’m sure. On my Windows systems, a Roon Remote can certainly run in windowed mode, as here:

Ah, I see. It must be my settings then. I’m in 1920 x 1080, which I think is also the native resolution of the screen, but the W10 display setting is 150%.

(Just as background, the display is actually a 70" TV which I use as the media PC monitor and control by wireless keyboard with integrated trackball from the listening seat - thus the need for the 150%).

So when I open Roon Remote on the PC I get a window saying it can only run maximised or fullscreen. In fact it will only run fullscreen, so I just click on the word fullscreen and it goes to that mode and works fine.

It is just exiting full screen that is a minor pain. I know, this is very much a first world problem :anguished:

Why do you need display scaling? Is it to adjust the trackball travel? If so, and that’s the only thing, then can’t you set that scaling in the mouse settings?

The scaling is for the display, not trackball.

At 100% everything is too small to read from 5m away.

The scaling option is in the System > Display settings menu of W10.

Hi Simon could you live with 1920 x 1080 @ 125% Windows scaling?

iirc I found it too small for comfortable use in this implementation.

I admit that when I started this request I thought it was applicable to all computer screen users.

If it is just because I have this non standard display scaling, then frankly even I can see that the request is low priority or even actively undesirable.

I think I need to play around some more and put this request on ice, perhaps indefinitely.

:blush: maybe this is the excuse I have been pretending not to look for to get one of the new ultra hi def TVs

On Windows, is there a keyboard or interface shortcut to switch between windowed and fullscreen modes?

Yes - it’s F11…

And, in case you were wondering, the full list of keyboard shortcuts lies behind this link on the Settings page:

Brilliant, that solves it. So this is definitely a non-issue now! Thanks to all.

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve noticed that Roon tends to offer an abundance of features, but I often find myself looking in the wrong place.