Expanded Focus Features

I would like to see more flexibility in the Focus criteria for Tracks and Albums. It is limited to only certain dimensions. For example, I want to shuffle the tracks I have selected as favorites (i.e. clicked on the heart icon) within new albums from the past two years, i.e. I want to hear my favorite new music. I can’t do that easily, since the only date-related Focus criteria is “Release Date”, which will include any album that was “released” within a date range, so it will include complications of older music, e.g. John Lennon’s “Gimmie Some Truth”, which was “released” in 2020, but the tracks were “recorded” in 1969-1980. Ideally, I would want to Focus on “Recorded Date” vs “Release Date”. I would also want to use Focus to remove tracks from “Compilations”, “Bootlegs” or “Live” albums from my shuffle, but those are not Focus criteria for Tracks, only for Albums…

I could accomplish what I want (favorite tracks of new music) by creating a Tag with the albums I want to include and then using Focus to include the Tag and the Heart icon. But Tags are static, so I would need to add/remove any new albums with Favorite tracks to the Tag to be included in my list. And of course, I could also create a Playlist, but those are also static and would not update if I select or deselect Favorite tracks.

I can do all of this with Smart Playlists in Apple Music, why can’t I do it in Roon?

The capability to establish default settings for the focus feature would be great. It is a pain to have to select music services for each search.