Experience with enclosures?

I plan to convert my NUC, which is on the approved-equipment list, to ROCK in the next few days. I bought my hardware when ROCK was not a thing yet, at least not publicly, and before I understood fully the best hardware. I bought a NUC with an M.2 SSD, thinking I could expand as needed via the open port in future, which I soon did. But that leaves me now with 400+GB that will be wasted if I keep that M.2 SSD in its current location, running ROCK and housing the DB. I suspect I’m not the only one in this position.

So what else to do with it? Since I’m not in the market for a second NUC, the only thing I can think of is those SSD enclosures that convert an internal drive to USB 3 external. Sounds great–but many consumer reviews say they–or some of them–run hot. That worries me.

Has anyone had experience with them?


which ssd are you looking to enclose?

SSDs usually runs cool. The enclosures you are talking about could be for the spinning disk.

Samsung SAMZN5E500BW 500GB 850 Evo M.2. So there’s this and several others. The various “keys” -M-keys, B-keyed, B- and M-keyed M.2s are confusing, but I think I’ve figured that out.

Yes, SSD’s run cool–so why would enclosures run hot? That’s what worries me. No, I’m not talking about spinning-disk enclosures.

Can’t tell about the M.2 enclosures but I have tried 2.5" enclosure made out of thin aluminum sheet with Samsung 850 Evo SSD without issues. Maybe the M.2 to USB circuitry dissipates more heat but I doubt it will get hot.

From the comments I’m reading, I’m thinking it’s more that the m.2 enclosures are just generally badly designed. Amazon reviews for the one I linked to above aren’t bad overall–4 stars–but just read the negative comments (15% one star) and it makes you want to stay away.