Experience with RPi and Audioquest Dragonfly Red


I am going to need sometime soon to run a temp headphone rig

I have a RPi 3, Ethernet connected, has anyone experience of running a RPi on Roipeee with an Audioquest Dragonfly Red . I may possibly have use wi fi

I will probably be using my Bose QC25 rather than my HD 800

Not with the AudioQuest DragonFly Red but the DragonFly 1.2. It works straight out of the box with Ropieee in both wired and wi-fi and is immediately seen by Roon when plugged in.

Yes I have a pi3, Ropieee and DF red and it runs on WiFi with a very large 20000ma battery. It’s solid and stable and runs as my bedroom headphone setup. It’s a good.performer, but nothing amazing but I think this is a limitation.of my headphones and the pi it’s self. As my cobalt and NuC combo sound way way better.

The dragonfly red is one of the most forgiving DACs I have come across in terms on the device and OS that hosts it and on an RPI 3B+ under Ropieee is was the most reliable I have used with an R-PI.

Of course more expensive ESS based DAC will usually yield more detail (even if they may otherwise sound almost identical sound character wise), but at it price point and for portability I think it is a decent DAC and passes the most important test of being hassle free and completely stable whatever I have plugged it into.

I mostly use mine in my car now with my iPhone with a project S2 digital being plugged directly into an intel NUC for Roon.

Thanks all

I am plotting a house move and most of my gear will be. Stored for 6 months +, I am just weighing up my options.

I have a RPi and Red I’ll disconnect stuff and try after you comments

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One additional question , does a RPi have Bluetooth or will it power a Bluetooth dongle, I am considering a pair of Sennheiser Momentum wireless or the like

It has bt built in but I don’t think it will work for Roon bridge if that’s what you want. Ropieee won’t use it as it has no bt functionality. DietPi has it in the menu but I could never get it to work myself. A usb Bluetooth dongle might work and be recognised as a device . I would just buy one and see as they are cheap enough.

Sounds like I shouldid stick with a tablet for Bluetooth


Is volume control via Roon supported in a Ropiee + Dragonfly setup?

Yes, I use DSP for volume control when using Raspberry Pi 4 and Dragonfly Cobalt.

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Did you use the Dragonfly with Ropieee? I want to test MQA, and this sounds like a great option

No I didn’t, COVID interrupted my house plans so it never came to that.

There is no reason why it shouldn’t work. The Red works with MQA on my NUC