Experiencing slow search?

If you’re experiencing slow search within Roon please select how you’re using Roon:

  • Qobuz
  • Tidal
  • Both Tidal and Qobuz
  • Neither (local collection only)
  • Both streaming and local collection

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Seems the issue is overwhelmingly among those users that use a streaming service. My guess… Roon’s cloud infrastructure.

It’d be interesting to see if the issue persists if streaming users select Local Search Only - presumably streamed albums they’ve added to their collections are local search.

Local search is instant. Disable Tidal and Qobuz it’s lightening quick

Let’s hope that the people experiencing slow search will see this thread and take part in the poll. I’m sure it would be really useful for the Roon team if they got representative results.

Local search is blindingly fast when I disable Tidal and Qobuz.

A significant slowness in working with Tidal and Qobuz services appeared again yesterday after a long period of normal operation on my NUC ROCK 1.6. I had to return the system disk with Ubuntu minimal 18.04. The problem disappeared as usual with similar problems with speed. I clearly trace the problems of NUC with ROCK when working with Tidal and Qobuz services. It’s a pity. :frowning:
Also there have never been any problems with the speed of Tidal and Qobuz services in Roon Core on desktop Windows 7.

This morning I had problems with both Tidal and Qobuz. If I selected a stream album in my library it played well but when I tried to navigate within any of the services I got error messages.

So annoyingly slow searching for streaming! I was hoping the latest software would fix this but seems not.

I use local files, Tidal and, more recently, Qobuz and I never had any search speed problems until Qobuz was added. My search returns are almost instant with local files and adding Tidal in to the equation makes very little difference - blink, and you’d miss it. As soon as I add Qobuz, I experience frustratingly long wait times so, for me, the issue definitely seems to lie somewhere in the integration with Qobuz.

The only other problem I’ve ever had with Roon is the max volume thing with my Naim Mu-so’s. Given the long term solidity and consistency of Roon in my own experience, I’m inclined to believe that both of these problems may more likely lie with the third party than with Roon.

Well, it may be related to Roon’s cloud infrastructure. HOWEVER, what I experience is that Roon overall slows down when I do heavy searching. This affects search speed, for sure, but it also affects adding titles to the library, adding tags, and it also seems to affect playback and the queue - tracks load slowly/gaps between tracks while the next one loads, pause takes 30 seconds to a minute to actually pause, play after pause also very slow, tag queries and focus take forever, etc. The whole interface gets really sluggish after heavy searching.

So sure, could be cloud infrastructure, but I think it results in a local resource problem. My semi-educated self thinks that there is something that searches fail to clean-up…processes that continue after the search results are displayed, only fixed when you reboot the core, and even then, there could still be something coming back from the cloud to the core.

Slowdown is just one of the search issues. The search results when you have no tracks by an artist but compositions by the composer are really screwy too (no ability to toggle to the artist screen, thus artists you KNOW have a lot of material still come back empty with no direct way to navigate to the material). I’m concerned that all of Roon’s resources have been sucked into fixing search; thus no decent feature releases coming through, and with the latest entries into the market Roon will prioritize integrations. So we may not be gettin’ any new features for quite some time to come.