Expert 200 Roon Ready?


I am considering taking the plunge on an Expert 200 (non-Pro) and was wondering if they are now Roon Ready like the Pro series, or is only the Expert Pro series that has Roon Ready capability? If they aren’t, is there any plans in the works to update the non-Pro Expert series to Roon Ready?

It’s not a deal breaker, but I just don’t see anything obvious when browsing in here. My apologies if I missed it.

Thank you for any response!

To the best of my knowledge only the Pro models (equipped with the Core Infinity board) are Roon Ready, and (I’d say) it’s very unlikely that the non-Pro models will become Roon Ready.

However, you can use a non-Pro model with Roon using Roon’s built-in support for Devialet’s AIR network streaming protocol. For most purposes this is a pretty good alternative, except that it does not support grouping with Roon zones using RAAT.

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The Pro is too buggy as a Roon Ready endpoint to be recommended for that feature. Devialet can’t seem to fix it nevermind adding support to the non Pro.

For your sanity look else where.

Is that your direct experience or hearsay?.. because its certainly not my experience.

To the OP, as @thumb5 said: Roon supports Devialet AIR, and to all intents and purposes this sounds the same as RAAT, you just miss out on zone grouping.

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I’ve experienced Devialet for 4 years, the non Pro and then the Pro for a short period.

The current state of the Pro’s RAAT issues are well documented in the forums.

Please don’t take offence if you run Devialet.

Thank you for the response! I suspected that they may not upgrade the non-Pro models. As I mentioned, it’s not a deal breaker for me owing to the fact that I have a NuPrime Evolution DAC that is Roon Ready, and it works splendidly.

I have a mesh wifi system, so the AIR may just be the ticket to having no dropouts as I can place the units anywhere. Is the resolution limited to 16/44.1, or will it go higher with the first unfold?

I read forums too, and I’m happy to report everything is working just fine with mine (via 5Ghz WiFi), so I would recommend it :wink:

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That is great to hear - thank you!

I will be getting an excellent deal on one, and it is great to hear from others that it still will sound excellent.

I suspect that if you wanted to run Roon RAAT to an Expert 200, you could do so by using one of the Roon Bridge appliances (Allo USBridge, Sonore microRendu, …) with USB into the Devialet. Can anyone comment if that would allow an Expert to be synced with other Roon zones that also use Roon RAAT or another Roon Bridge appliance?

As to the Roon RAAT problems on Expert Pros - it seems that the problem is primarily confined to those using gigabit ethernet. Running 10/100mbps or wifi seem to work just fine. Of course there are some blessed folks that have not experienced the problem even at gigabit ethernet speed. It’s a mystery (that Devialet does not seem eager to resolve).


Jeff, if you’re referring to the “audio file loading slowly” problem: it is by no means universal, and for those who do experience it there is a fairly straightforward work-around (which is to say, using a 100 Mbps rather than 1 Gbps Ethernet connection). Agreed, Devialet have not fixed it, which is disappointing. That aside, I think most people’s experience of Roon Ready on the Pro models is generally positive.

As far as adding Roon Ready support to the non-Pro versions is concerned: I understand that’s ruled out by a technical limitation.


Ian, not just that but I’m referring to Devialet’s history of software implementation. The 3 years we spent continually trying to get them to fix Air and finally I had to call out the CEO on twitter to get something to happen and acknowledge their poor communication.

Only to have them now go back into their non-communitive ways with the current RAAT issues.

I know owners love the product but it can’t be recommended as a RAAT end point because there are work arounds.


Kevin, you should go over to and ask your question in the relevant forum and get answers from Expert 200 owners who are using Roon. No substitute for people who are actually doing what you’re considering.

I have to say that there are people who use a Gigabit connection with their 220Pro who dont have network problems. Just like me. Only cause many people seem to have problems with dropouts on gigabit, that does not mean all of us have them.
But i would personally recomand to go with an other device like the new nad m33. it has a better feature set. thats my personal opinion as D220Pro and D400 owner.

I know I will want to hear a NAD M33 when it becomes available. The feature list is extraordinary and much where I believed Devialet was going. Hey, I still absolutely love the sound quality of my Expert Pro 440 and for that reason alone, do not want to part with it. But if the M33 can produce comparable sound quality, then your recommendation is right on target.

Have you heard the NAD M33? I know the technology inside it is top notch but till this day I have not heard a NAD product that sounds as good, let alone better than, a Devialet. If the OP can get a good deal on a 200 then he’s a lucky man and I think he should go for it. Roon AIR is 100% stable and USB is another option.

I use USB because the sound is more to my liking so that’s another option.

@Pim - I agree with you. Prior to my buying a Devialet Expert 200 (4+ years ago), I owned a NAD M2. No comparison - the 200 was a substantial improvement in most every way. I was simply commenting based on the early press the M33 has received so I, too, am curious. But, in truth, the M33 would have to be extraordinary for me to want to part with the 440 Pro I now own.