Export Focus on query results sets for further processing

Currently, Roon provides the capability to save Focus on criteria as a “Bookmark” and provides the capability to export an individual row of the results set to an XLS file. But there is no way to export the entire query results set.

The bookmark can later be recalled and the results set migrated to other internal forms like Playlists.

Would it be possible to save a results set to a file for further processing. XLSX XML would be fine.

Second, could I track which records I have on physical media? I don’t believe there is an attribute for that purpose.

The use case that comes to mind is tracking of media for insurance claims purposes. Some titles are out of print.

Since Roon is not involved in importing, it is unaware which titles have physical media and which were purchased from HD Tracks or Qobuz.

A second use case is to produce a catalog of the filtered subset of the library for reference away from Roon.

Roon does know exactly where an album is coming from, albeit on track level.
If you look at ‘file info’ at track level, you will see the source of the track (local, Qobuz, …).
To get the info out of Roon is unfortunately a whole other matter.
That I cannot help you with as I have no clue.

Hello David,

Isn’t this what the current export to file option already allows you to do, for any set of albums (or tracks) selected manually or via focus, bookmark, tags etc? Maybe I am misunderstanding your specific use case?

You could do this by selecting these albums within Roon and creating a Tag for the selection for future use/management - going forward you would add new rips from physical media to this same tag. I don’t think you can do this ‘automatically’ based on file-embedded metadata, so the tagging would have to be done manually in Roon for each album I suppose.

(If ripped files are kept separate in you folder structure you would be able to select them based on storage location and path, which would make selection more straightforward)

Exporting the ‘physical media’ subset would not be different from above.

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I posed a similar question shortly after subscribing and learned about this capability of the focus results set pane. When I tried it at that time, I was able to export an extensive slice of my library. I can’t get 1.7 to do it. The export option is an attribute of a single results row and that’s all that gets exported. This feels like a regression to me.

I’ve been sorting by source in the file system so that would work.

Focus > inspector > storage locations.

Once done, save with a bookmark. This will automatically update whenever an album is added to that location.

Now select one album, then select all. Export to Excel.

A couple of things were going on.

  • Roon 1.7 may have been partially installed. Confirmed 1.7 App and core both installed following a 11-26 update.
  • I had a result set of tracks rather than a result set of albums.

When focusing on albums like an album, Roon 1.7 behaves as Brian describes. Exporting produces an XLSX sheet of tracks belonging to the selected albums.