Export / Import of Radio Stations

This is a feature request that I made awhile ago and I wanted to put it out there again.

Excel Export/Import of Internet Radio Stations
Application of Genre and other Grouping logic to Radio Stations (Ability to Tag Radio Stations)
Most played Radio Station(s) list, by hours/minutes
Ability to Favorite Radio Stations
Radio Station Quality Overlay
Better Station Image Handling - Auto fit as one example.

Hi Daniel,

What would you like to happen with a favourite station ?

Hey Andy, just thinking about what happens if I have 40 radio stations. A favorite button might always keep it at top or in a set of 5 or 6 favorites across the top. Sort of analogous to pre-sets on a real radio. As it is now I can see that the Internet Radio stations will begin to get unwieldy to use once you have gotten more than 10 or 20.


Just importing a bunch at once would help a lot. There are a lot of sites with good FLAC radio station out there… Don’t want to import them all manually… Can’t you not just point at the url of that page and let Roon auto-import all station urls on that page at once…

Like Daniel said, I then can start listening and mark my favorites later.

concur, a batch import of internet radio stations from an excel spreadsheet or some other format would be great. I see that if I stay with Roon, (day 1 of 14 day trial) then I have to get all my Squeezebox Touch radio stations into Roon…