Export Playlist from Ipad

I’m trying to figure out how to create a list of songs that are in a playlist so that I can share with friends. The Roon knowledge base talks about selecting all the songs and then clicking on Export, but I can’t find any Export menu.

My only interface to Roon is an ipad or iphone. Is this function not available when using an Ipad for control?

You can click on each file and add it to a playlist (new or old) in Roon. Then export to a CSV file. After that, I’m not sure. I use Soundiz to send some to my daughter’s Spotify account, but she gave me her Spotify account info.

I can do this with Qobuz and Tidal linked music files and an iPad can do it. You’re not really sending a music file, just the information to identify the file in some other service. I send playlist back and forth between Roon, Tidal, and Qobuz frequently.

If you’re using local files, maybe you’re sending the actual file, IDK.

Not sure if the option is PC only. Export copiesbthe actual music files alonf with an m3u file. So it will not work with streaming files.

I can’t figure out how to export. When I select all the songs and click the three dots, the only options I see are Add to Playlist, Add to Tag, Remove from playlist, and View file info.

Click Add to Playlist and give it a name. Then export that Playlist.

Maybe you could then send that CSV file to your friend and they could do something with it. IDK.

I have a named playlist but I can’t find an Export function. Does this functionality need to be enabled with a setting somewhere?

Click the three dots out to the far right…

Mine looks the same, but no Export… Is this available on IOS devices? I don’t have a a Windows device connected to my Roon network.

You’re right. I don’t see an export option on iPhone or iPad, only on computer. I almost always use my laptop as Roon control device.