Export Roon Playlist , import in TIDAL

I created a playlist in ROON and want to import this playlist into TIDAL. Reason: want to take the playlist (read: music) offline on my iPhone using the TIDAL app. If playlist exporting is not possible one actually needs to create playlists only in TIDAL if taking music offline is a objective as well. Correct?


Hi Raymond,

There is provision to export a playlist from Roon. I think it is available by selecting the playlist (right click) and then as an option under the + menu. I haven’t tried to import a playlist into Tidal.

Thanks Andybob,
The + option on both the playlist overview screen and the playlist screen itself does only reveal a ‘add to playlist’ action. No export function available as far as I can see.

Yes I was mistaken, my apologies. There is an export option available when all tracks in a playlist are selected, but this just leads to the export to folder or export to excel options. Unless Tidal can import an excel spreadsheet as a playlist that won’t help.

I just spent a lot of time creating playlists using roon, choosing tidal tracks. The idea was to use the familiar and excellent roon interface to create playlists I can access in my car with the tidal iOS app. I think this is not yet possible, but please make it so!

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Hello Mark, I’m all with you on this one. It is a bit ridiculous that you can play an album added via the Roon app using Tidal in offline mode, but cannot play a Roon created playlist using Tidal in offline mode. I do not want to duplicate all of my Roon playlists into Tidal app to play them offline…

Plus 1 for this functionality - or at least easy export from Roon to Tidal.

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For now, this works for me:


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Plus 2 for this feature, please!

Add another vote to this request. The ideal would to be able add playlists to both Tidal and Apple Music from within Roon so that they are available on my IOS devices via Tidal or IOS Music when room is not available, as when traveling and my computer is shut down.

+1 for this feature, or is this now available?

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I’m hoping for this feature also.

While I’m a bit late on the bandwagon but I find it weird that this feature is missing. You can export to csv, but can’t re-import the csv? Huh ?!? Why do we have half a function?

Definitely +1 here.

Because using Tidal on the fly, while Roon at home, I create all “tidal based” playlists in Tidal. This is a bummer for the whole concept of Roon; that I need to use another app to create the playlists (else they must be made twice).

One thousand + if Roon could please make the automatic playlist transfer between Roon and Tidal full duplex! I believe it is in the Tidal API, available for Roon.


I second your motion, it makes a big difference in the value add that Roon provides. It makes Roon mobile anywhere without being mobile. I also think Tidal would be happy to have our playlists. It also removes the licensing obstacles that Roon may have with distributing remote Tidal material.

However, Roon may feel that it opens the door for its current users to leave easily and go somewhere else if they want, given that Soundiiz can transfer Tidal Playlists to anywhere.

So to the Roon team: Please, either make Roon fully mobile independently or make the playlists transferable to Tidal. I think it’s a win win. Thank you.


We need this!

Please make it happen.