Export Roon Playlist


How do I export my Roon playlist…? Past posts mention an export to Excel option but it is not available on my instance. Can somebody help pls? Thank you.


Are the files local or from TIDAL / Qobuz? I think only local files are included in an Excel export, but I’m not 100% sure.

a mix of both

The Export to Excel function is not supported for Playlists, only for the Album and Track Browsers. See:

A Feature Request has, in effect, asked for an Export to Excel function for Playlists to be added to Roon, so it is possible that it may be added (but not guaranteed) at some indeterminate point in the future…

There is a work-around; select all tracks in the playlist and give them their own Tag (for example the name of the playlist). Then go to Tracks view and select the tag. You can export these ‘files’ to an Excel file.

Sadly, this is only possible with local tracks…

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Of course! Thank you anyway.

Thanks good work around