Exporting Album Info from Roon

I am new to Roon. I have about 3TB of FLAC audio on a WD my cloud that I am playing back through Roon. Is there anyway I can export a list of my music collection to an iOS app so that I have a catalog of my music when I am shopping for new music. I really do not want to hand enter all of these CDs manually in something like CLZ music or Delicious

  1. From the Album view, right-click on one album to select.
  2. In the upper left hand corner, choose the drop-down and choose “Select All”
  3. Next to the “Play” button, choose the “three dots” / context menu
  4. Select “Export…”
  5. Choose “Export to Excel (XLS)”
  6. Roon will save a complete listing of your albums to an Excel file on your desktop

Takes just seconds for my 6,500 album collection. Save it to iCloud or other convenient location so you can view it on your mobile.


Just parenthetically, the “Export…” command was not in evidence when I tried this in the iPad version of Roon. No problem with the Mac desktop version.

Thanks for explaining how to do this.