Exporting multiple Apple Music playlists to Roon

Hi all, quick question about importing Apple Music playlists to Roon. I’ve read the previous posts and the support article where you’re supposed to export your Apply Music Library to an “Library.XML” file and import it in Roon. If I understand this correctly though, this will import all my Music Library, not just the playlists.

Another method I could possibly use is to export just the playlist from Apple Music to an XML file and then try to import that to Roon with the same import process. This however poses another problem. From what I understand, the xml file HAS to be mentioned “Library.XML”. What happens if I want to import several playlists from Apply Music to Roon? How should each playlist export be named in order for Roon to recognize and import multiple playlists?

Thanks for your time and answers.

Probably not the solution you’re looking for, but I use Soundiz to send them to Tidal and Qobuz. They soon show up in Roon where I also save a local copy.

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No, I don’t use Tidal or Qobuz, but thanks for replying anyway.

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Soundiz works for Apple Music too.
I selected an Apple Music playlist, clicked the export tab, and see this.

I’m away from home so I don’t have access to Roon to see if importing the xml here will work but I imagine it will.

Edit to say I realized I may not fully understand the issue you’re having.
Apologies if this post is extraneous noise.
But I do wonder if Soundiiz can help you here.

No reason to apologise @Placebophile , I appreciate each and every response and all people taking the time trying to help me!

Let me try to clarify this a bit further. All my files are stored on a NAS, ripped from actual CDs. I don’t subscribe to any streaming services; I have an aversion to subscriptions and I have even opted to purchase a lifetime license to Roon for that exact same reason :slight_smile:

Instead of copying tracks to a new location and therefore creating manual collections, I created several playlists in Apple Music, each playlist being a personal “best of” collection for specific music genres.

Is there a way to export these playlists from my Apple Music Mac app and import them to Roon? Looking at the support section from Roon, it seems like they export the entire contents of a library to an XML file called “library.xml” and then import that into Roon. I don’t want to do that; my actual library is already imported, I am just interested in importing the playlists.

The other way I suppose would be to use the “export playlist” option in Apple Music. Given that (from my understanding at least), the export HAS to be named “Library.XML” in order for Roon to recognise and import the file, what happens when I want to export more than one playlists? How do I name each playlist xml in order for Roon to understand and import it?

I hope it’s clearer now. If anyone has any experience in this, I’d surely appreciate your views.